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- 2016.09.03 -

Maya and Miron

Maya and Miron met at a German cultural event in New York City and were immediately intrigued with each other. Five years onwards, we have decided to formalize our life-long commitment to one another in the presence of our closest friends and family. To commemorate this occasion, we would be honored if you will join us for a ceremony and reception at Waldhotel Fehrenbach. We will have a program of overall merry-making, including tastes of the local Black Forest cuisine and Hans' (Miron's dad) Jazz band SALAMUJA for sets throughout the evening.

Please take a moment to browse our site by using the menu on top . Most pictures are interactive to zoom or get links with more details. We have collected information about things to do, transportation, accommodation and the program and are happy to help you plan your itinerary.

Hi! I'm Maya. Originally from the South Indian state of Kerala, my family settled in Cologne, Germany (where both my sister, Cynthia, and I were born). We eventually relocated in search of greener pastures to the Garden State of New Jersey (pun intended). I now call New York my home and am pursuing a career as a children’s environmental health epidemiologist.
Favorite pastimes include furthering my growth as a bharatnatyam dancer and hanging out with Miron - whether traveling the world or staying in to cook up a storm and harass our cat.

I'm Miron. Born in Basel, Switzerland and raised across the German border I studied in Basel, Heidelberg and London to pursue the life of a digital nomad. After bouncing between London, San Francisco and New York for many years, I met Maya and made Manhattan my headquarters for the last decade.
Favorite pastimes include travel, music (if there is time), and keeping Maya on her toes with adventurous activities she ends up enjoying.



We envisioned celebrating this occasion with our close family and friends in the heart of the Black Forest.
We hope you will join us for an informal ceremony officiated by the bride's cousin and good friend of the couple, Jeffrey Edwin.
The ceremony will be followed by a reception, with offerings of local farm-to-table cuisine and a program of overall merry-making.


When we saw the “party barn” at family-run Waldhotel Fehrenbach near Lake Titisee, we were sold! It is set in nature and paired with a Michelin recommended farm-to-table restaurant.


We consider your participation in our wedding the greatest gift we could ask for and appreciate the time and expense entailed to join us for this occasion. We, therefore, respectfully request that no further costs be incurred on our account.


The Black Forest offers accommodations for every fancy. You will find hotels in castles or historic farms, at lakes, on mountain tops or deep in the forest.
Check here for a selection close to the wedding location.


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